The Cannabis Can be Used as Medicine

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence, as well as several scientific studies, which show that marijuana can be effective as a Medical marijuana for several diseases. The benefits of cannabis can include appetite stimulation for cancer patients and AIDS and general pain. And there are many other diseases that can be cured with the Medical Cannabis.

Cannabis Sativa L (Hemp)

Hemp is not the same as Marijuana!

Although this plant is very closely related to cannabis plants (marijuana), hemp refers to the type that does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

Hemp is a versatile plant with practical use.

Hemp offers alternative products that are environmentally friendly for various daily needs. Hemp fiber can be used to make ropes, clothing, and paper. Foods from flax, such as the HempNut brand, contain beneficial nutrients, including fatty acids. Hemp oil has many benefits, such as biofuels, industrial lubricants, and soaps.

There is no logical reason to ban hemp.

However, the government continues to waste money and resources in its efforts to stay away from us from this valuable plant. The panic of war on drugs has the “ability” of leaders to make good policies that will distinguish between marijuana – which has psychoactive properties and hemp which has no psychoactive properties.

Cannabis and Violence

Cannabis does not cause violence.

Some people support the claim that the ban on marijuana because of marijuana causes violence. This is one of the original claims used to make illegal marijuana, but the claim is false. In fact, people who are “HIGH” after enjoying marijuana tend to behave relaxed, mellow, and too happy than to fight. See “Psychoactive Substances and Violence” by Jeffrey A. Roth. In a report for the US Department of Justice, Roth noted that, rather than causing violence, marijuana actually “temporarily inhibits violent behavior.”

Prohibition creates violence.

Like other illegal drugs, banning marijuana creates a black market that benefits irresponsible parties and generally promotes criminal activity that significantly changes the level of drug consumers. The marijuana ban has the same effect. Innocent people are harmed by violence (physical & mental) because marijuana is prohibited. How many people are caught in the law because of this problem and get torture just because law enforcers want to seek information from them? How many of them were even killed because they fled the police chase just because of the small amount of marijuana they had? How many families have lost a father/mother/brother / sister figure, etc. only because their family members were caught in the law for possessing or using marijuana? Very many families suffer in the environment and people’s views are tilted towards them just because one of their families is caught up in this problem.

Legalization, along with reasonable regulations, will reduce violence.

If marijuana becomes legal, the violence associated with marijuana will disappear. Controlled distribution & a safe environment will eliminate black market crime and related crimes.

Hopefully, the wider community can open their minds & re-educate themselves, and consider marijuana plants to be legalized immediately.