Teldat SD-WAN Solution: Maintaining Business Continuity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on most industries throughout the World. The Work from Home policy requires some companies to stop operating because not all lines of business are permitted to operate.

Companies that are still permitted to operate must still reduce branch operations due to falling demand during this pandemic. The decrease in demand has impacted the sales target that was planned at the beginning of the year and needs to be adjusted. Because of the decline in sales, of course, the company is required to make efficiency on all fronts. No exception efficiency in the IT infrastructure, where the IT department must do efficiency but must maintain the quality that ensures company operations do not decrease.

Teldat as one of the best SD-WAN providers comes with Teldat’s SD-WAN Solution service, providing solutions to help customers optimize costs while maintaining the quality of connections between branches to headquarters.

Nowadays many companies use Virtual Private Network (VPN) as the main connection and backup connection. As we all know, VPN connection fees are higher than Internet connection fees. By allocating the cost of one of the VPNs to an Internet connection and adding Teldat’s SD-WAN Solution, it will provide efficient WAN rental costs.

Not only able to do cost efficiency, but Teldat SD-WAN Solution also presents very good features. Setting application optimization can be easily done even if you have hundreds or even thousands of branch offices. This can happen with the help of the Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) feature. Changes to all branch offices can be done centrally and on a large scale without having to arrange one by one to the branch office.

With some of the above advantages, you can considering SD-WAN providers Teldat to help your company and be a solution to improve WAN cost efficiency and improve the performance of WAN connections during COVID-19 pandemic conditions.